Friday, August 20, 2010

Nervous is just a little excuse.. I’ve passed my JPJ driving test!!!!

today morning, i finally passed my 
JPJ car test!!!WEEEEEEEEEEEE~~!!!

i can drive already!!...sape nk tumpang,angkat tangan..;)
WOW!!!! what a fine fine fine day for me... i tell u the feeling of passing the test ah.. it was FANTASTIC!!! especially when you failed it before... cause u will be more appreciate the success u earned...I was very nervous on that day but once I step into the car, the nervousness feeling was gone and it’s just “go ahead and drive.”, hoping that I can finish the thing fast so everything was concentrate on the road instead of nervous...hoho..the best thing tdi akoo kene ragging dgn tester tu..ragging utk bersembang dgn dier..mmg luck aa dpt tester yg baik ati mcm incik tdi..siap cter hal2 family dier ngn akoo..pape pown takziah lawh atas kematian isteri tercinta..